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We represent clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, statewide in Texas, and nationwide.

If you owe IRS Back Taxes. Let us help.

Americans owe approximately $280 billion in taxes. If you are one of the millions of Americans who owe the IRS, it can be overwhelming to imagine talking to the IRS about what you owe, much less negotiating a resolution. The Perliski Law Group is dedicated to efficiently and effectively resolving tax controversies as quickly as possible and at minimal expense to our clients. 

Installment Agreements

If you owe the IRS back taxes that you cannot pay, don’t panic. We will work with the IRS to negotiate an affordable payment plan for you.

Tax Court Appeals

Need relief from an IRS decision? The attorneys at the Perliski Law Group are all licensed to practice before the Tax Court.

Offer in Compromise

Do you qualify for IRS tax relief? If you do, you may be able to settle your IRS debt for much less than you owe. Contact Us for a free case evaluation.

Bank Levy/Wage Garnishments

IRS Wage garnishments and bank levies can be devastating. If the levy is creating an immediate economic hardship, you may be able to get the levy released.